Angel Investing

Our firm offers investors and young companies a full range of legal services in respect of both strategic and executional aspects of the financing activities through angel investments.

Our clients represent all points of view on angel investment transactions, including individual investors, investor networks, forums or clubs, as well as young companies themselves. Our experience with this breadth of clients means we can provide more focused and insightful due diligence support, as well as effective strategic legal advice and negotiation support in securing financial sources. We often advise our clients on how to avoid common legal obstacles which young companies experience during establishment, product launch and development, and when they are seeking to secure angel investment finance.

We have significant experience in financing activities focusing on seed, start-up and early-stage businesses. Our firm also supports clients in obtaining participation licenses, which in turn give angel investors access to tax advantages and incentives in relation to their investments.

We support our clients to fully understand their respective obligations and commitments during and after angel investment transactions. This includes negotiating and drafting clear-cut term sheets and financing agreements which help them to foresee and prevent any potential areas of dispute, ultimately allowing all parties to focus on supporting the young business to grow.