Antitrust and Competition

Competition law has an important role in today’s globalized markets. Developing jurisdictions in particular must ensure their competition law regimes and applications are in line with the modern requirements. The relative maturity of the Turkish competition regime means that Turkey is one of the jurisdictions which understands the needs of the market players, balancing it with financial regulation and supervision necessary to protect the competitive market dynamics.

Turkish competition laws prohibit anti-competitive agreements and abuses of dominance. As with many other jurisdictions, Turkey also has competition laws requiring merger control reviews. Moroğlu Arseven thoroughly understands the requirements and enforcement approaches of both the Turkish Competition Authority and its global counterparts. Following all recent developments in competition law allows us to build up a strong understanding and experience level, which in turn enables us to effectively and efficiently guide clients in a business-minded manner during matters involving complex competition law issues.

Competition Law Advisory Services

We offer a full range of competition law advisory services to support our clients’ the international and domestic operations in horizontal and/or vertical relations, pricing issues, parallel trade, standard-setting activities, licensing etc.

We have wide experience revising our clients’ day-to-day contracts and business practices in light of Turkish competition laws. Included in this experience, we regularly support clients with reviewing, planning and executing regulatory filings for the necessary exemptions and clearances applicable to restrictive agreements and practices.

Merger Control

Moroğlu Arseven has significant experience in merger control issues in Turkey. Our range of services spans from initial notifiability analyses, through to counseling during all steps of complex merger control reviews conducted by the Turkish Competition Authority. We have extensively counseled clients in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, obtaining approvals by handling the review process for such notifications with the view to mitigating the risk of delay which exists during review by the Competition Board.

Moroğlu Arseven collaborates with many international law firms for the Turkish merger control aspects of foreign-to-foreign transactions.

Competition Law Compliance Programs and Training Seminars

Effective competition law compliance programs create efficiencies by adopting preventive measures, as well as raising awareness of competition law for executives and our clients’ employees. Moroğlu Arseven pinpoints its clients’ specific expectations, designing compliance programs in accordance with such expectations and the specific market dynamics. Having an in depth understanding of the competition legislation enables our clients to mitigate or avoid competition law risks.

Moroğlu Arseven has a solid background in organizing workshops and trainings for domestic and international clients, as well as their representatives and employees. These workshops support risk and cost reductions by providing an in-depth grasp of Turkish competition laws, including specific risk areas. We also assist clients to establish antitrust and competition compliance programs.

Legal Assistance during all Phases of Competition Authority Investigations

Our firm provides clients with full support during all phases (both written and oral) of competition law investigations. Moroğlu Arseven has represented defendants and complainants in a broad range of industries before the Turkish Competition Board, involving complex competition law issues. Our experience includes cartels, restrictive horizontal and/or vertical arrangements, concerted practices and abuses of dominance. We are also familiar with handling leniency application procedures before the Competition Board.

Litigation Concerning Competition Law Matters

We represent our clients before the administrative judicial bodies during challenges to the Competition Board’s decision. We also represent clients in civil actions for damages.