Our firm provides clients with a wide range of regulatory, risk management and compliance advice in relation to prudential and transparency requirements imposed by Turkish banking and financial market regulations. This involves clear and encompassing advice about designing and implementing cost-efficient regulatory compliance processes.

We regularly support local, foreign and multi-national clients regarding issues related to establishing banks and financial institutions, routine regulatory filings and disclosures, as well as both local and international financial reporting matters. Our clients include deposit and participation banks, as well as development and investment banks, as these are respectively defined by Turkish banking regulations.

Our firm advises clients regarding local regulatory requirements surrounding lending, capital, shareholding and liquidity, as well as sector-specific corporate governance, structural and confidentiality matters. We regularly support foreign clients with comparative analyses of Turkish regulations to assist with local representation and establishment activities. Our experience also includes advising major banks regarding complex direct deposit activities.

We have regular contact with local oversight agencies such as the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Saving Deposit Insurance Fund, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We support and represent clients before these agencies, seeking approvals and exemptions for mergers, share transfers and takeovers, among others regulated activities.