Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Corporate and commercial litigation is a speciality for our firm. We work closely with clients to understand their specific business objectives and industry considerations. This knowledge enables us to determine whether litigation is the most cost and time effective alternative for a given dispute and also allows us to integrate litigation-avoidance advice into our corporate and commercial transactional support, before disputes even arise. Our advice includes consideration of legal, commercial and reputational risks for our clients, aiming to minimize business-disruption and unnecessary costs.

We provide clients with strategic legal guidance on how to minimize litigation-risk and avoid litigation, such as how best to manage evolving disputes, or support in establishing and using alternative dispute resolution procedures. Where litigation is unavoidable, or presents the best alternative for our client to resolve a dispute, our litigation team is involved from an early stage. Our specialist team provides support, risk assessments, as well as guidance on litigation strategy and available settlement options at any given stage.

We often engage multiple practice areas to support clients in resolving a dispute, such as corporate, employment, tax, competition and other practice areas relevant to any given dispute. Our clients’ disputes typically involve complex cross-border legal questions. We contribute innovative and pragmatic legal advice, supporting all parties to the dispute to move on in a cost efficient and least commercially damaging way.

Our firm is particularly strong in litigation related to distribution issues. Accordingly, our firm advises and represents a wide array of global manufacturers, or their local distributors and agents on an ongoing basis. These clients are active in a range of industries and represent many points of view on the various disputes, including clients seeking to terminate distribution agreements, as well as others making claims for portfolio compensation.