Corporate Governance

We regularly advise clients regarding corporate governance matters as regulated under the Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Market Law and regulations relating to regulatory compliance. We particularly advise clients regarding legislative requirements and good practices for general shareholders’ meeting convention, board operation, structure, committee establishment and delegation, disclosure requirements, director responsibilities, fiduciary duties, proxy contests and shareholder relations. Our clients include boards of directors, individual board members, board committees and senior executives.

Our firm works closely with both public and closed clients to understand an organization’s structure, operations and industry considerations in order to provide appropriate tailored corporate governance support. We regularly review clients’ current corporate governance practices and develop best practice alternatives which mitigate the risk of civil, administrative and criminal actions.

We draft and advise clients about corporate governance documents such as guidelines, codes of conduct and ethics, committee charters, bylaws, policies and strategic plans. In particular, we work with clients to understand and mitigate risks associated with financial reporting, conflicts of interest and related party transactions.