Employment, Human Resources and Outsourcing

Our firm’s combination of dispute resolution, transactional and corporate advisory experience allows us to offer services in relation to all aspects of employment relationships. This includes drafting a variety of employment documents and agreements, as well as effectively representing clients during employment disputes and litigation. We regularly advise and represent clients of all sizes and points of view regarding a range of employment and human resource related matters. Our clients include small and fast-developing start-up ventures, through to major multi-national organizations as well as High level executives and expatriates on the employee side.

Our services include advice to both employers and employees regarding compensation packages, tax issues, regulatory and legislative compliance requirements, as well as health and welfare packages such as pensions. Our advice often includes sensitive assistance on appropriate employee hiring, discipline, termination and re-structuring procedures, as well as guidance on human resources policies, guidelines and practices. We work closely with clients to develop customized personnel policies and compliance strategies which are tailored to the client’s specific business aims and industry considerations. We aim for our advice to seamlessly contribute to and support our clients’ day-to-day human resources operations.

We regularly provide assistance regarding employment and human resources issues during mergers and acquisitions, workforce reductions and corporate re-structuring. This includes liability assessments, integration support and restrictive covenants, such as non-compete clauses. We have experience assisting with Turkish work permit and immigration matters for foreign clients which have employees located within Turkey, as well as expatriates working in Turkish companies. We also have experience negotiating with labor unions regarding collective bargaining agreements.

We often support clients in considering outsourcing alternatives and provide grounded advice on how best to implement these services into their existing businesses. Our advice involves risk assessments and negotiation support regarding the agreements which our clients seek to enter with outsourcing service providers. We aim to understand our clients’ specific objectives in order to determine the best possible contractual arrangement and delivery model. In turn, this understanding supports smooth integration of the outsourced services and avoids disputes arising out of the agreement.

Our advice to clients encompasses all aspects of potential outsourced services, from business process, procurement and finance services, through to customer facing functions such as support centers. Our experience includes a wide range of potential service-provision models, including geographical optimization (for example, off-shoring), SaaS integration, as well as multi-sourced environments, among others.