Energy, Utilities and Renewables

The energy, utilities and renewables industries are heavily regulated, with many compliance pressures, increasing regulatory scrutiny and intense competitive pressure. Moroğlu Arseven provides clients with clear advice on the regulatory, strategic, commercial and technical aspects of these industries.

These are complex and global sectors which require well-integrated and multi-disciplinary legal advice to reconcile the requirements of various regulatory frameworks. Our firm provides client with integrated advice which draws on our local regulatory expertise and relationships, as well as our experience in supporting practice areas such as M&A, joint ventures, tax, structured finance, competition and dispute resolution, among others.

We regularly advise clients regarding regulatory compliance strategies, risk-mitigation as well as related litigation and investigations by governmental agencies. We have regular contact with the Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Agency and the Competition Authority on behalf of our clients. As a result, we are familiar with the procedures and local requirements. This allows our clients to avoid costly penalties and delays associated with regulatory non-compliance.

Our regulatory counseling to clients includes environmental and tax issues, as well as market manipulation and design. Our advice also includes how regulatory matters impact on commercial transactions in the energy, utilities and renewables industries to ensure that our clients are aware of available strategic options and potential consequences attached to a given transaction.