Foreign Investment

Turkey provides attractive investment opportunities for foreign investments due to government privatization policies, fast growing business environment and particularly the initiatives undertaken since 2003 regarding the investor friendly liberalization and deregulation of laws and regulations applicable to foreign direct investments. Turkey has an equal treatment policy towards foreign investors, meaning they have the same rights and liabilities as local investors, except for a few exceptions as set forth under the laws. There are no rules requiring Turkish participation in the capital or management of a company with foreign capital. Therefore, a company may be established with 100% foreign capital and almost all industry sectors are open to foreign investment.

Our firm provides full legal support for both foreign investors and local recipients of such investments, to ensure the process is smooth and efficient for all involved. We guide and support clients through the full investment process, from focused due diligence of target companies or legislative due diligence, through to transactional and industry-related regulatory advice, negotiations with stakeholders and drafting transactional agreements.

We regularly advise clients regarding effective and commonly applied structures for cross-border transactions to ensure tax liabilities are minimized and investors are appropriately protected. Our advice enables parties to adopt the most advantageous investment vehicle available and access various foreign investment incentives, such as customs duties and VAT. We also provide experience-based advice to clients regarding repatriation of profits and invested funds to the investor’s jurisdiction.