Venture Capital

Our firm understands the unique characteristics of venture capital transactions and the legal requirements of start-up companies. Venture capital transactions have a particular emphasis on entrepreneurial undertakings, seeking to launch, develop or expand a young business. We support clients at all of the business stages involved, including seed and start up, early stage, development capital and expansion capital. Our advice is tailored to suit the different legal and strategic considerations which are present at each distinct business stage, as well as address our clients’ primary concerns.

Our clients represent all points of views on venture capital transactions, from small and fast growing start-up ventures through to venture capital funds actively seeking their next investment. As a result, our involvement is often influential in establishing mutually beneficial arrangements for our clients. Our range of clients also means we have a complete and encompassing understanding of the processes and strategic approaches available in a given situation.

Our industry-specific knowledge and experience mean we are able to actively work with a view to minimizing risk exposure for our clients, whether they are investing or receiving financial resources. We do this by working closely with our clients to focus on key risk areas during due diligence, build solid representations and warranties, as well as ensure the transaction’s structure is appropriate for the client, their business goals, and the industry.

We often advise clients regarding fund formation, capital raising and operational matters for venture capital funds. We also provide support to clients regarding ongoing fund management matters, such as restructuring and exiting investments.

Our firm regularly continues its relationships with clients after the initial transaction is finalized, strengthening and protecting a company’s presence in Turkey, being involved in further investments, or supporting execution of exit strategies.